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You have done your research and we assume you have looked at many websites for inspiration. Now you are ready to start designing and building your own. The trickiest part of any creative endeavor is taking your initial brainstorming ideas and putting them into practice.

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Designers spend their lives thinking about how to make a form elegantly follow and function properly. You should try to find a good designer that shares your visual sensibility, can translate your ideas and can put them into practice. This can be tricky but with this list of questions, you wil be able to weed out the amateurs and find a great professional.

A web designer may have the skills of a developer who focuses on functionality first, but more than likely they are a graphic designer who creates a visual style and language. An overall streamlined look and feel is essential for any website whether it is personal or business.

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Hardata Inc. is an information technology corporation headquartered in Las Vegas, Nevada. We develop and provide computer hardware and services, including web design, system networks and visual aesthetics.
Visual aesthetics is a language that designers can translate for you. In your initial meeting, we will find out more about the needs of your small business. We will also discuss what you would like to see on your website. The designer can transform your ideas into a look and a feel that not only looks good but is also practical.

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Provide Goals, basic information and images for your new website or ecommerce store via an online form. We develop a 5 page website that is optimized for conversion, including keyword optimized content, to get your site ranked originally.

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You review the design for your site and provide feedback. We publish your new website, and teach you how to maintain your website with simple tools, so you can update it anytime.

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The full service package includes Homestead
Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Services including professional key phrase selection, web page optimization, strategic link-building and online tracking and reporting.

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